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When I started in the logistics industry, I had no idea where my career would lead me. Yet, it has been the ideal starting point for me. Over the last 15 years, I have had the unique opportunity to work with many organizations to improve their logistics and supply chain operations; I have been exposed to various industries and learn best practices from all of them.

Since I also have a solid software development background, I have been asked to develop "something from scratch" in many instances as there was no commercial software available to deal with the unique requirements of the clients. I can proudly say that I have not lost a single client in over 10 years.

This has now lead me to offering my services as an independent consultant. I hope that you will find enough information about my products and services to determine if I can help you in improving your business. Please contact me with any questions.
"Finally, I have an application that is intuitive and very easy to learn. It really has improved my business operation and gives me information I've never had before."
Kooshy Afshar, President, Printup Graphics
"Jan has designed some very specialized systems for us. I've always been impressed with his ability to understand the user requirements and turn them into detailed, accurate system specifications that exactly met our needs. The fact that we have been using some systems Jan designed for us for over 5 years without any real changes speaks to the quality of his work."
Helmut Berchtold, CIO, Schenker International, Inc.
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